Thank you for your interest in children’s and teen yoga classes. Unfortunately, there are no weekly classes at the moment due to corona as well as other activities. If you’re interested in workshops or do you have any other questions, please send an email to info@jong-yoga.nl

Namasté and don’t forget to play 😉




Young yoga sets itself apart by incorporating storylines and matching music into the yoga classes. Emmelie Zipson, the founder of Jong Yoga, has a background in theatre, singing, and acting. By bringing her passion and love for storytelling through both spoken and sung words, she turns the yoga classes into small parties, while at the same time letting the relaxing capabilities of yoga shine through to the children.


The Classes

Each lesson is built on a theme, which also inspires the use of props throughout the class. For instance, seashells and sand may accompany a class that revolves around the beach, and a circus-centered class may involve a miniature circus in a diorama to stimulate creativity and imagination. Classes are usually inspired by existing stories from various books and poems. Each class contains several elements, such as yoga poses (most of which are named after, and resemble animals), breathing exercises, visualizations (short guided meditations), massage and teamwork. Each kids’ yoga lesson lasts for an hour, of which the last ten minutes are dedicated to creative assignments to be worked on in silence, with accompanying relaxing music. The classes are playful, filled with both humor and concentration.


Why Jong Yoga?

That exercise is good for the body and mind has been clinically proven. It is particularly important for children, where it shapes habits, prevents illness, builds muscle and trains balance. Regular exercise promotes happier children and helps them to focus better in school and sleep well at night. Jong Yoga is more than physical exercises, as a lesson consists of additional elements such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, massage and teamwork. Kids’ yoga gives children the freedom to be them selves, and to get to know them selves and others better. Through yoga poses and through asking the children what happens in their bodies when they exercise, kids’ yoga stimulates imagination and creativity.